We are proud to have worked with many talented artists, well-known brands and respected institutions, in the UK and internationally. Our team are committed to giving the best support to all our clients, as well as fostering strong community links within the arts through professional support for emerging creative practitioners.

Our in-house team offer creative direction, production management, technical consultation and installation assistance. Our network of specialist technicians throughout London and the UK supply equipment and apply expertise to each respective project.

See below for a selection of our favourite projects to-date, spanning a variety of industries and disciplines.

Installation view of Hyundai Commission: Anicka Yi at Tate Modern, October 2021. Photo by Will Burrard Lucas

In Love With The World

Anicka Yi, Tate Modern Turbine Hall, Hyundai Commission

Artist Anicka Yi assembled a team of highly specialised artists, engineers and programmers to create her unprecedented Tate Modern Turbine Hall commission 'In Love With The World'. Yi offers a vision of a new ecosystem within the Turbine Hall, the large post-industrial space at the heart of Tate Modern, filling the vast space with scent-scapes suggestive of different geological and industrial epochs and autonomous uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) called aerobes. The aerobes each followed a unique flight path generated through the system’s software, responding to changes in the environment, including the heat signatures of people nearby. They received information from electronic sensors placed around the Turbine Hall, which acted as their senses. This sensory information affected their individual and collective movements, behaving differently each time you encountered them.

Our Role
KitMapper were responsible for overseeing the commission throughout its four month duration. We recruited, trained and managed two dedicated teams of technicians, developing the processes and protocols to maintain the commission every day and ensure the smooth operation of Yi’s vision of a new ecosystem within the Turbine Hall.

About the Artist
Anicka Yi is known for her experimental work which explores the merging of technology and biology. Through breaking down distinctions between plants, animals, micro-organisms and machines, she asks us to think about further understanding ourselves as humans and the ecosystems we live in.

October 2021–February 2022

Tate Modern, London

Artwork by Anicka Yi

KitMapper Production team:
Al Leeming
Ashley Zhang
Benjamin Redgrove
Dave Charlesworth

KitMapper technical team:
Arthur Wilson
Camila Colussi
David Beschizza
Edd Butterworth
Eleni Zervou
Niamh Schmidtke
Sihan Ling
Thomas Lawanson

Produced by Petra Schmidt, Production Manager, Commissions, Tate Modern

Documentation by Will Burrard Lucas

Installation view of Sara Sadik LA POTION (EH) for BMW Open Work by Frieze 2023, in front of KOKO in London featuring fully electric BMW i5 M60. Credit: Tom Kahler


by Sara Sadik for Frieze London x BMW Open Work at KOKO London

Marseille-based artist Sara Sadik’s BMW Open Work commission, part of Frieze London, featured a playable video game and an accompanying LED wall installation on the terrace of KOKO, Camden.

We provided project management, LED wall procurement, installation and maintenance throughout Frieze week, liaising with client, venue and council to ensure the safe and successful installation of the work.

About the artwork:
Sara Sadik’s commission at Frieze London comprises an interactive playable game, conceived specifically for the new, fully electric BMW i5 in collaboration with BMW Gaming and Innovation Lab experts, as well as a video installation presented both on the exterior of KOKO and in the BMW Lounge. BMW i5 designers will support Sadik in the technical conception of the game and extending the gaming experience in the car through sound and light. Titled LA POTION (EH), Sadik’s commission utilises computer-generated scenarios to investigate the changing emotional states of young male characters. Her world- building renders their emotions visible while investigating the construction and performance of masculinity, its ethical and moral codes, and what it reveals about societal structures more broadly.

About the artist:
Sadik’s video and performance practice lies halfway between fiction and documentary. Drawing on video games, anime, science fiction and French rap, the artist creates initiatory stories that centre characters striving to achieve moral and physical transformation. Born in Bordeaux in 1994, she uses digital and docufiction forms to investigate the experiences of young men of the Maghrebi diaspora in France. Though it is informed by decades of institutionalized racism and Islamophobia, and concerned with a culture that is systematically desymbolized and stereotyped by both ends of the French political spectrum, Sadik’s work revolves around love.

October 2023

KOKO London

Artwork by Sara Sadik
LED Wall installation by KitMapper and Creative Technologies
Commissioned by BMW Open Work for Frieze Art Week 2023

Services provided:
Project management
LED wall Installation
Operations & maintenance

Installation view of Shirin Neshat, The Fury (2022) at Goodman Gallery, London, 2023. Photo: courtesy of the artist and Goodman Gallery

The Furry

Shirin Neshat at Goodman Gallery

For artist Shirin Neshat’s installation, The Fury, Goodman Gallery approached us to fabricate and install the two-channel film in their Mayfair gallery. The two large screens were bespoke fabrications, hung from the ceiling at opposite ends of the gallery space, with acoustic panelling installed along the walls.
We also provided a live AV setup and sound recording for a talk between Shirin Neshat and author and journalist Farah Nayeri. The exhibition received critical acclaim and was featured on the Guardian and the BBC.

About the artwork:
Shot in June 2022, The Fury seeks to capture the Zeitgeist: a sense of foreboding and dread sparked by the resurgence of fascism that we are witnessing. The Fury continues this career-long inquiry into the role of the female body, notably explored in her acclaimed 1990s work, the photographic series Women of Allah (1994-1997). In this early work, the artist directly references the 1979 Islamic Revolution, using the symbol of the veil to capture the paradox of conviction, submission and violence. In The Fury, the protagonist’s silent scream is caught like a virus through empathy. It is a pain that is known, felt, and shared. It is the fury against power everywhere, encircling people.

While The Fury can be viewed in the context of theocratic politics and gender apartheid of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it's unfolding in New York City drives home its international charge.

About the artist:
Shirin Neshat is an Iranian photographer and visual artist known primarily for her work in film, video and photography that focuses on contrasts between Islam and the West, femininity and masculinity. Throughout her practice, Neshat returns to the power and suppression of women without portraying her subjects as victims.

In 1999, she won the 48th Venice Biennial prize for her film Turbulent, which contrasts a man singing in front of an all-male audience, with a woman singing to an empty concert hall. Her work has been shown throughout Europe and the United States. She currently lives in New York and the majority of her work is filmed in Morocco, Turkey, and the United States.

October 2023

Goodman Gallery

Artwork by Shirin Neshat
Sound, Score, and Edit by Johnny Azari

Services provided:
Fabrication, AV equipment and installation, Live AV

Video still from Anohni & The Johnsons It Must Change. Courtesy of the artist and Rough Trade / Secretly Canadian Records

It Must Change

Anohni & The Johnsons music video, directed by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard

Working closely with artist and filmmakers Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, we provided live projection mapping and AV support for their location and studio shoots for Anohni and the Johnsons music video It Must Change.

Starring Munroe Bergdorf, the shoot saw the model and activist surrounded by a curved rear projection screen made of sharkstooth gauze, with syncing imagery mapped around it. The digital and analogue were perfectly synced, with projections and CRT monitors being used throughout. On location, we provided building projection mapping technical support.

May 2023

London Film Studios

Anohni & The Johnsons
Directed by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard
Production by Prettybird
Post Production Dirty Looks
Projections by KitMapper
Producer Chris Murdoch
Executive producers Juliette Larthe and Jeannette Lee
Editor Olly Stothert at Flock
Director of Photography Tim Sidell
Colourist Claire Winter at Dirty Looks

Services provided:
Technical consultation
Research & development
AV installation
Live AV

Installation view outside RCA 2023 Degree Show at Truman Brewery, featuring graphic design and show identity by Sebastian Koseda and Live Coal, painting, 2023 by Rizpah Amadasun. Credit: Richard Haughton

RCA Degree Shows

Degree Shows at Royal College of Art

For over a decade, KitMapper have helped curate and produce the annual Royal College of Art exhibitions. We provide long-term project management, production management, installation and equipment rental for their intermediate and end-of-year shows, held by the Masters students and attended by some of the most renowned names in art and design.

In 2023 KitMapper took on the task of managing all aspects of physical delivery of the Royal College of Art MA2 graduate showcase. This was a job of unprecedented scale with over 1,000 artists and creative practitioners exhibiting under one roof. We had a dedicated project team, who spent 6 months working full time solely on this project. This included everything from location scouting, early stage planning and liaising between stakeholders, to individual technical consultations, transport logistics, AV hire, development of custom installation methods and public opening risk assessments.

It is estimated that this showcase saw between 30,000 and 35,000 visitors during the public opening period at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London.


South Kensington, Battersea & White City campuses and off-site, London

Funded by the Royal College of Art
Facilitated by KitMapper

Installation view, SPORA, 2023, Downstairs at Mother. Credit: Joanna Wierzbicka


Lucy Hardcastle & Maisie Cousins at Mother London HQ

Artists Lucy Hardcastle and Maisie Cousins approached us to help bring their series of hypnotic moving images to life. We provided screens and installation support for SPORA, which was exhibited at Downstairs at Mother, the event space of creative agency Mother London.

Having previously worked with Lucy Hardcastle on projects at the V&A in 2019 as well as providing installation support during her Masters degree show at the Royal College of Art in 2017, it’s been a pleasure working with Lucy Hardcastle in a number of different ways over the years.

About the artwork:
Spora is a series of moving images representing biological alchemy within the female form, intended for large-scale display.
Inspired by nature’s invisible and intelligent systems of continuous decay and spontaneous growth that are often overlooked, such as mycelium, mould and spores, these works aim to represent the unseen moments that are necessary for life; decomposition, transformation and renewal. Eight ‘mixed reality’ works within the show combined traditional still image photography with animated CGI elements to create hyperreal hi-resolution mutations, creating a fully merged, unexpected enchantment.

We partnered with the artists as the AV and installation sponsor for the exhibition of Spora, using state-of-the-art screens reaching up to 7 feet tall with minimal rigging to allow the work to speak for itself at a ‘larger than life’ scale.

About Lucy Hardcastle:
A multidisciplinary design practice based in London, Lucy Hardcastle Studio is a pioneer in using interactive technologies, 3D visuals and the moving image to tell complex and emotionally resonant stories. Under creative director Lucy Hardcastle, the studio creates immersive virtual worlds that combine the principles of craftsmanship with the possibilities of technology. The studio’s work ranges from commercial campaigns to large-scale design installations and self-initiated research experiments, and spans both physical and virtual. Whether collaborating with scientific organisations, cultural institutions such as V&A and London Design Festival, or leading brands such as Chanel, Heimtextil, Nike or Alexander Wang, Lucy Hardcastle Studio places an emphasis on human perception and the realm of the senses, giving its work a distinctly sensual aesthetic.

About Maisie Cousins:
Cousins is known for her sensual imagery that often repels as much as it attracts, with a riot of the bodily, flowers, insects, food and rubbish all seen in a cacophony of bright colours and often oozing textures. Her early work began as a view onto a macro world shot from her teenage bedroom or the kitchen table, but always finding an irreverent beauty in the curious wastelands of life’s crevices.

About Downstairs at Mother:
Mother London is the world’s most respected independent creative agency at the heart of advertising, experiential, digital, design, and product development.
Downstairs at Mother is Mother London’s iconic event space in the heart of Shoreditch. They create bespoke events that are open to the public on specified dates and host a diverse calendar of events every year, showcasing some of the UK’s most exciting creative talent.

April 2023

Downstairs at Mother

Creative Director & Producer Lucy Hardcastle Studio
Photographer Maisie Cousins
CGI Artist Elena Charobay
Equipment and Installation Production by KitMapper
Event Production by Downstairs At Mother Team
Technical Director Martin Robinson
Sound Designer Billy Brooks
Model Lauren Byfield
Casting Director Isabel Bush
Make-up Artist Lynski
Documentation by Joanna Wierzbicka

Services provided:
Technical consultation
Research & development
AV installation

Video still: 'Beerus', 2018, KSI & Randolph. Credit: KSI


KSI & Randolph

As part of KSI & Randolph's 'Beerus' music video we designed and installed a CRT video wall to be used in key scenes. We used hand-held video cameras to achieve a live video relay from camera to video wall — which was used to great effect in the final video.

About video walls
An ever-popular display method, we supply and install walls of CRT monitors and LED screens for exhibitions and film sets alike. They look as great on-camera as they do in a gallery.

About the artist
KSI is an English YouTuber, internet personality and musician. In 2019, he was ranked second by The Sunday Times in its list of the top 100 UK influencers. He is part of the British YouTube group known as the Sidemen.

December 2018

Printworks, London

Production by Zebrafish Media
Music by KSI & Randolph
Installation by KitMapper

Installation view, Fiorucci Store, Brewer Street. Credit: Bella Riza


Fiorucci Store window display

For Christmas 2018, we helped cult fashion brand Fiorucci produce their ambitious in-store Christmas campaign, unwrapping their flagship Fiorucci Store on Brewer Street in Soho, London. This required intricate production design, cutting and installing specialist projection film and projection mapping a multichannel film across the windows.

About Fiorucci
Fiorucci gained cult status in 1980's New York, with artists like Keith Haring decorating the walls of the store and a young Madonna playing at the brands 15th anniversary party. In 2017 the brand relaunched with the new store on Brewer Street, right in the heart of London’s Soho. It features a bar, cafe, customization booth and VIP shopping area. KitMapper were proud to work with the brand and enjoyed working closely with the design team to realise their vision.

About projection mapping
Projections can be mapped over almost any surface, and can also include in-built audience interactivity such as sound or motion sensors. KitMapper offers projection mapping services at a range of scales. We've produced multi-channel projections for the Royal Academy of Arts and the Victoria & Albert Museum here in London, as well as consultation for Saudi Arabian artist Muhannad Shono. We also provide projection screen rental, fabrication and installation services.

November 2018 – January 2019

Fiorucci, 39 Brewer St, Soho, London

Produced by Fiorucci & KitMapper
Installation by KitMapper

Services provided:
Production management, Installation, Projection mapping

Installation view: 'The Odds (part 1)', part of Luna Eclipse, Oasis Dream, 2019, Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen, Stanley Picker Gallery

Luna Eclipse, Oasis Dream

Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen at Stanley Picker Gallery

As part of the Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen solo show Luna Eclipse, Oasis Dream at the Stanley Picker Gallery, KitMapper provided consultation and installation of an LED video wall to display the video artwork 'The Odds (part 1)'.

About the artwork:
Luna Eclipse, Oasis Dream was the culmination of the duos Fine Art Fellowship and is the first act of their long-term project Nearly Winning, which considers gambling as a contemporary condition. Imagining the exhibition as an organism, the artists bring together sculpture, film, light, sound, scent and text to create a space inspired by the subliminal strategies which induce self-delusion as a new way of seeing.

About the artists:
Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen work across objects, installation and film that explore processes of production as cultural, personal and political practices.

April 2019

Stanley Picker Gallery, London

Artwork by Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen
Installation by KitMapper