KitMapper provides consultation services to help successfully realise creative projects. Rooted in our strong commitment to professional development and collaboration, we now offer a range of remote consultations to help creatives and organisations realise the creative potential of their projects.

Our consultation services streamline research and development periods to alleviate the pressures of timeframes, budgets and logistics through clear and pragmatic advice.

How we can help you

Artists & Individuals

We work with creatives at all stages of their careers and have consulted and assisted internationally renowned artists, as well as recent graduates from schools such as The Royal College of Art.

  • Funding applications
  • Research & development
  • Project management
  • Design, fabrication & installation
  • Technical & AV consultation

Curators & Organisations

We help curators and organisations identify the scope of their projects and how to best execute them. Whether at the point of inception or just prior to delivery, our advice is there to help provide the smoothest transition through stages of project development.

  • Project management structures
  • Space requirements
  • Venue scoping & assessment
  • Budgeting
  • Proposal & grant application
  • Multi-party handover documents

Institutions & Galleries

Having consulted on major installations at numerous institutions we offer a range of consultation services for institutions and galleries:

  • Long-term planning & programme development
  • Procurement & installation of permanent & public artworks
  • Planning, design & construction of capital projects for exhibition & audiovisual display
  • Site surveys
  • Recommendations on structural integration
  • Staffing, operations & maintenance

Projects delivered in 2022 included site assessments for a major cultural centre in Romania and audiovisual specifications for a new publicly funded gallery in the East Midlands. We are currently consulting on a major new capital project in London, communicating with architects and clients on space design for a new gallery.

How our consultations work

Online express sessions

  1. Get in touch to tell us about your project and book a consultation.
  2. We will get back to you within the hour to arrange a video call with one of our project managers, at your earliest convenience.
  3. You’ll have a 30 minute call with one of our project managers who will offer on-the-spot advice, suggestions and technical support.
  4. This call will then be followed up by a half-page summary of recommendations and action points.
  5. Further and more in-depth consultation sessions can be booked.

During these consultations our project managers will draw from their experience of working for the UK’s most prestigious art institutions and public spaces to advise you on the practical aspects of developing or completing your project, will assist with research, recommend appropriate specialists and advise on the possible directions of the project.

Every consultation can be followed up with a recommendations document, the extent of which varies depending on the scope of consultation. Initial consultations include half a page of recommendations and action points.

In-depth day sessions

Where an extensive research or production of scoping documents is required we might recommend you booking day consultations instead. These will include a video call with yourself and/or your partners and ensure your dedicated project manageable to take a deep-dive into your project for the whole day or consequitive days.

Long-term support

Due to the nature and unpredictability of long terms projects we also offer flexible standing consultation agreements. These allow our clients to receive advice and support on demand over extended period of time.

What our clients had to say

The level of care, dedication and professionalism from an external organisation or company is something I don’t think I’ve experienced before. You weren’t just providing a service, you were deeply invested in the work and making sure it came off to the highest possible standards.

Apex Zero, Artist & Musician

As a company that develops strategic planning for cultural centers in Romania we found in KitMapper a reliable and knowledgeable collaborator… Given they have a sense of practicality, vision and proficiency we’re happy to call this team our go experts in the field.

Miruna Amza, Project Manager

A one hour Zoom tutorial with KitMapper was incredibly helpful in the realisation of a complex multimedia installation that included an interactive live stream, dual screen, camera and multiple projectors. They were generous with their time and knowledgeable on all individual elements of the installation.

Veronika Neukirch, Artist

The Kitmapper team are multi-disciplinary creative problem solvers and I couldn’t have pulled off my recent show without them. The team brought their expertise to the process every step of the way, from guiding me through the ACE project grant application to installing what became my first solo exhibition, Silk to Silicon. I will be working with them again in the very near future.

Sebastian Koseda, Artist & Designer