Offering a range of active and passive speakers, KitMapper can support your project from small scale audio works using M-Audio BX8 studio speakers to multichannel sound-scapes using our Martin Audio speakers.


9” Sony Trinitron
20” Sony Trinitron
24” Sony Cube
24“ JVC
26” JVC
29” Barco

50” Panasonic SD
48” Sony Bravia HD
40” Sharp HD
38“ Sharp HD
22” Bush HD


Optoma super short throw HD
Optoma short throw HD
Epson HD
Sony SD

Projection Screens

150×70cm 4:3 Front-projection screen
250×120cm 16:9 Back-projection screen

Projection screens can be made to order

Stands & Mounts

Wheeled flatscreen stands
Wall mounts

Computers & Media Players

Mac Mini
HD Media Player

Video Wall

Video wall numbers and configurations are available on request, up to and including 9-screen 3×3 video walls.

Slide Projectors

Kodak Slide projector


Newar LED light and stands
T5 flourescent strip
LED Flex
DMX controller

DSLR & Video Cameras

Canon 5D MkIII
GoPro Hero 4

Film Cameras

Kodak Slide projector