Kit Hire

We provide a range of kit for dry hires and as part of larger projects. Browse the quick-view categories below or download our full Kit List to see what we have.
If you can’t see what you’re looking for, or are in need of something in particular, we can source it for you. For all kit enquiries, follow the Kit Hire Request link.


50" Philips (4K, built in media player)
49" LG (4K, built in media player)
49" Philips (4K, built in media player)
50” Panasonic Plasma Screens (SD)
43” Sharp Aquos (HD, built in media player)
40” Sony Bravia (HD, built in media player)
40“ Sharp Aquos (HD, built in media player)
33” Sharp Aquos (HD, built in media player)


Optoma EH320USTi (Ultra Short Throw, interactive, HD, 4000 Lumens)
Optoma EH416 (HD, 4200 Lumens)
Optoma EH415ST (Short Throw, HD, 3500 Lumens)
Kodak Slide Carousel (slide timer)

Projection Screens

Front and rear projection screens can be made to order with floor based and suspended mounting solutions. Call us for more information.

Stands & Mounts

Wheeled flatscreen stands
Wall mounts
Projection slings
Doughty clamps
Pup stands
Manfrotto single arm (two sections)
Manfrotto Super Clamps

Computers & Media Players

BrightSign HD1023
Mac Mini (with video play back and projection mapping software)
HD Media Player
DVD players
We can provide authoring and file handling services for all video types

Video Wall

LED video wall available in 2.97mm or 3.9mm pitch up to 10m wide with processor.

Whilst dry hire options are available for most of our kit, video walls will require consultation and specialist technical assistance, which we are happy to give.

CRT Monitors

9” Sony Trinitron
20” Sony Trinitron
24” Sony Cube
24“ JVC
28” Barco


Newar LED light and stands
T5 flourescent strip
LED Flex
DMX controller

DSLR & Video Cameras

Canon 5D MkIII
GoPro Hero 4


M-Audio BX8 Martin Audio CDD5
Martin Audio CSX 12" Subwoofer
Ecler eGPA8-150 8 Channel amp
Headphone Amps
Lepy T-Amp
Radio Mic Set
Wireless Headphones
Speaker Stands
Genelec 8020 DPM
Genelec 7040 APM
Genelec 7040 APM Subwoofer, 6.5" Woofer
1x Motu 828es Audio Interface
Pioneer VSX-5231 (5.1 Surround sound amp)