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Sound Kit, near N19

Sound Kit near N19

£70 per day
£280 per week
£840 per month

Lender's Description

This is a full sound kit for the mixing of 4 channels into a camera. It includes the following as standard:

SQN4S Series iiia
Sennheiser MKE 600 / MKH 416 Boom Mic
Rycote Super Softie Windshield
Sennhesier HD25-1 mkii headphones (not pictured)
3 x Sennheiser G3 Radio units
3 x Sennheiser XLR cables for G3 units (not pictured)
3 x Sanken Cos 11 lavalier Mics
Ambient QX 565 1.24m - 3.24m
2 x XLR cables
2 x Swit NP batteries
16 x AA rechargeable batteries

Optional Extras:

Marantz PMD661 mkii Stereo recorder and cables (not pictured)
Additional G3 Radio units (not pictured)
5 x Sennheiser G3 IEM units (not pictured)

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