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Camera, lenses, mics, monitor, rig, batteries, cards and filters, near E17

Camera, lenses, mics, monitor, rig, batteries, cards and filters near E17

£125 per day
£500 per week
£1500 per month

Manufacturer's Description

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is a true high dynamic range film look camera in an extremely portable size, so now you can shoot cinema quality in situations never before possible! Imagine shooting a documentary, episodic television production, television commercial or independent film in the true quality of digital film. With its extremely compact size, you can covertly shoot important and historic events such as wars, protests and other conflict in cinema quality and get a more realistic record of the event. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is a true revolution in how you can shoot digital cinema!

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Lender's Description

Complete Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera shooting kit, including Andoer tripod with fluid head, FilmCity shoulder rig and Neewer Steadicam stabiliser. Everything included for a full shoot: Samyang/Rokinon 10mm and 24mm prime cine lenses (Nikon mounts), fitted via a Metabones SpeedBooster (for Nikon mounts!); ND Filters and Matte Box; Zoom H1 mics x3, plus 2x Rode SmartLavs for field, boom, and on-talent sound recording; 1x 256gb SanDisk Extreme Pro SD card and 2x 64gb cards; Neewer field monitor and viewfinder; external battery supply with spare batteries for continuous shooting.

This kit's my baby and it'll serve anyone well that's looking to hire a complete kit for short projects. Please message me with questions and more info 😃

PS The 4x4 filter tray holder with lens sock is available, it's just removed in the pic!