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The range of equipment on KitMapper is always growing. Currently we offer Super 8 cameras with fixed lenses and Standard 16mm and Super 16mm cameras with both fixed and interchangeable lenses.
For first time Super 8 shooters, cameras such as the Braun Nizo offer a well designed camera with good fixed lens. For first time 16mm shooters, the standard Bolex offers simple shooting with C-Mount interchangeable lenses. If you want to go pro try Super 16mm rigs from Arri or Aaton? Don’t forget to add any lenses, tripods, lighting to your hire.

For more information on shooting film visit the KitMapper blog or contact us

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The KitMapper Guarantee

If your kit is subject to an incident during the hire period, we guarantee that we will:

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  • Pay you up to 30 days' worth of hire charges for any kit you are unable to rent as a result of such an incident at the daily rate for which it was rented.