How It Works

For Listers

You own audio visual kit, a digital SLR, a PA system, or maybe even a 16mm projector. You aren’t using your kit all the time. You’d like to make money from it?

Let’s put your kit to work.

List your kit on KitMapper and you gain access to our network of trusted users looking to rent your kit.

Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, when you're a lister on KitMapper you can make your kit work for you.

We help make it official, by providing:

  • a legal rental agreement between you and the renter,
  • user reviews,
  • verification processes,
  • the KitMapper Guarantee,
  • and a simple system for checking your kit in and out.

For Renters

You’re looking to kit out your project with a shotgun microphone, some flash heads or maybe even a 9 screen CRT video wall?

Find the perfect kit for your project from users near you, for less.

Explore KitMapper for specific items or just to see what’s available near you.

With both individuals and organisations as users, KitMapper makes it possible to rent a huge variety of items on a short or long-term basis.

As well as sourcing all the top of the range equipment you'd expect for less, KitMapper connects you to other enthusiasts with access to the rare and specialised kit that big rental houses simply don't supply.